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Detection of latent failures

Through non destructive detection technices we can create an inspection plan. Our experience allow us to implement solutions to any problematic which can be presented in process equipment to ensure the reliability of the plant.

Strategic inspection planning and execution

Management of asset integrity must include periodic critcal inspections such as Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC), Under-Insulation Corrosion, Tube to Header and Seam-Welded Piping inspections. Staying ahead of the progression of known damage mechanisms through these and other robust inspection and repair programs can mean the avoidance of a potentially catastrophic failure.

Major overhauls of critical equipment

We develop inspection plans to detect problems before they become disasters. We can also lead the investigation if there is a failure, so we can determine the root cause and prevent the recurrence. But carefully planned overhauls and well executed quality plans during rebuilds is critical in ensuring reliable operation after your outage. We have planned and executed hundreds of turbine, generator, and other turbomachinery overauls with outastanding results. Reliability translates not only in improved production but also in fewer emergencies and that means there will be fewer threats to worker safety

Quality control of new projects

Our solution begins in the design, procurement and construction phase of major projects to ensure that the material is selected correctly and that manufacturing, welding and quality control are appropriate for the criticality of the system. For example, many customers simply use ASME Boiler Code when specifying quality control in boiler tube welding, which is a very high quality standar, however it is a minimum standard. We know, having served in the role of General Manager, that visual inspections are not enough to guarantee a problem-free startup - 100% radiography of all tube-to-tube welds in a project of 16,000 welds resulted in the first trouble-free startup in the plant's histroy for one of our clients.


The use of reliability tools such as RCM, ISO 14224, ISO 55,000 among others, forms the strategic basis on which Smith & Company relies and bases the development and application of its proposal.

The main stages that make up the improvement processes are:

  • Comprehensive Management Diagnosis
  • Master Plan for Strategic Development to improve the management of Maintenance and Asset Management
  • Organizational Development Plan.
  • Development of Program of Administration and Control of existing Vulnerabilities
  • Development of Asset Planning aligned with the objectives
  • Development of Equipment Maintenance Program for Process Control and Operational Safety of the Plant
  • Incident Investigation
  • Successful Project Management
  • Administration of Good Practices
  • Skills Development / Personnel - Organization (PO)