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About Us

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We diagnose, specify solutions and train

Smith & Company has executives and specialists who have vast experience in the areas of ​​maintenance, engineering, operations, which gives us a competitive advantage. We are a team of professionals with many years of practical experience in technical and management roles in heavy industry, within Chile and abroad. Our goals are aligned with your goals and we provide management services, which with an effective methodology allow us to help your team overcome the gaps that often exist in maintenance and operations due to a legacy of habits that inhibit true teamwork. We work with you for efficient production and business results. With a good balance between the theoretical and the practical we can ensure a return on your investment.


Our Mission, in the broadest sense, is to satisfy the needs of our clients effectively, based on the experience and knowledge of our Professionals in industry. Processes, People, Organization and the philosophy and ethical principles on which our company is based drives us constantly to the highest standards in the delivery of our consulting services, the purpose of which is to add value through improved asset reliability for our clients.


To be a true strategic partner and to contribute to the continuous improvement of our Clients' Asset Management and, as a result, to the safety of their employees


Value Offer

Our Value Offer is to be referents, capable of promoting the formation of a strategic alliance with the Plants, in order to achieve a beneficial result for both parties (Win-Win), we believe it is time to evolve towards a new work philosophy, since the conditions from the point of view of knowledge allow to implement this projected vision in the long run supported by an adequate management of Personnel and Organization). We have both theoretical and practical knowledge to support management through the application of trustworthy tools to achieve effective and tangible results, which is why we would like to be part of this strategic alliance, making available our strengths with which we are Sure we will be a contribution to contribute to make your management profitable. We want to be an alternative to solve maintenance needs of assets and process equipment that require a high standard of quality, availability and safety. The ideas and concepts expressed above are the basis of our value offer, because we believe that it is in this area that not only the greatest difficulties are presented, but also the opportunities to highlight our abilities to be a contribution that contributes to achieving the availability and continuity of production processes that allow greater profitability. This allows us to achieve operational continuity and efficiency of the productive processes and business results. In general, it is visualized that a balance is required between the model and the theoretical tools proposed with the practical application that is really needed to achieve effectiveness according to what the client needs This allows to give the client confidence that their investment has a return.
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During our professional careers we have seen plants with a wide variety of problems and we have managed and solved them. Smith & Company aims to help improve the integrated management of our clients' assets through the application of our knowledge / experience.